22 Apr

Tree Services Mitigate Damage from Common Tree Pests

Homeowners can reduce the risk of their trees incurring a catastrophic insect infestation with regular professional tree services and inspections by a licensed tree service contractor in Pompton Plains NJ. One of the greatest risks to trees that leads to the need for tree removal services in Pompton Plains NJ is insect infestation. While the […]
22 Apr

Winter Tree Pruning: An Essential Tree Service

If you have young trees, fruit trees, or flowering trees and shrubs, late winter is the optimal time for hiring a professional tree service company in Pompton Plains NJ to prune your tree so they look their best in the spring.   While many homeowners only think about routine tree cutting tasks, such as pruning, […]
6 Mar

Pros & Cons of NJ Tree Removal

  There are important pros and cons to be weighed concerning the subject of NJ tree removal from your property. First of all, you must determine the true health of each tree in question. During the winter season, some trees may appear to be dead when, in fact, they are dormant. Dormant trees often have […]
18 Feb

New Jersey Winter Tree Pruning

There are many advantages to regular tree pruning and maintenance by New Jersey winter tree pruning professionals. Let the experts at Landmarq Tree Service demonstrate that first of all, removal of dead or decaying limbs greatly aids in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, disease and deterioration. In addition, a well-pruned tree is much less […]


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