Tree Services Mitigate Damage from Common Tree Pests

22 Apr

Tree Services Mitigate Damage from Common Tree Pests

Homeowners can reduce the risk of their trees incurring a catastrophic insect infestation with regular professional tree services and inspections by a licensed tree service contractor in Pompton Plains NJ.
One of the greatest risks to trees that leads to the need for tree removal services in Pompton Plains NJ is insect infestation. While the local governments in the State of New Jersey spent $2.475 million to prevent just gypsy moth infestation, homeowners need to do their part to protect their trees by keeping them healthy and treating affected trees at the first signs of infestation. By arranging routine tree services, such as inspections and regular tree cutting and pruning, with a licensed and insured tree service contractor, homeowners can greatly reduce the need for tree removal in Pompton Plains NJ due to insect infestation.

Common Tree Infesting Insects

According to New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection Division of Parks and Forestry, the most common insects that attack trees to the extent homeowners have no choice except to hire a tree removal service include the following:

  • Asian Longhorn Beetle: These insects, which tend to attack maple and willow trees, pose a danger to as many as 50 percent of the trees in New Jersey. The larvae consume the tree until they mature and bore a round pencil sized hole through the tree. Additional signs of infestation include small pile of sawdust on or near the tree and yellowing of the leaves.
  • Emerald Ash Borer: While this insect only attacks ash trees, it is especially aggressive to the point infestation means the death of the tree unless treated quickly by a certified tree service contractor. Some signs of infestation include sudden woodpecker activity in the crown of the tree, D-shaped holes in the trunk of the tree, bark splits, as well as leaf and limb die off.
  • Hemlock Wooly Adelgid: Both the adults and larvae of this insect species consume the sap of hemlock and spruce trees, which causes the tree’s needles to drop. If the homeowner does not arrange for a tree service company to treat the infested tree, it is likely to die within a year.

Protect your trees by scheduling routine tree service in Pompton Plains NJ by contacting a leading tree service contractor in the local area – Landmarq Tree Service.

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