Pros & Cons of NJ Tree Removal

6 Mar

Pros & Cons of NJ Tree Removal


There are important pros and cons to be weighed concerning the subject of NJ tree removal from your property. First of all, you must determine the true health of each tree in question. During the winter season, some trees may appear to be dead when, in fact, they are dormant.

Dormant trees often have a series of small knots or bumps on their branches or trunks. This is a sign of new tree growth, so you can be assured that such trees are still enjoying a healthy life cycle. If a tree is in the process of dying, it will most likely reveal signs of acute stress. Let Landmarq Tree Service professionals help you determine whether gnarled, brittle branches or brown, prematurely falling leaves are indications of tree death or just a sign of seasonal change. Often older trees show evidence of root damage which is actually due to rough land clearing or careless brush or weed elimination by inexperienced landscapers. It may take a tree care and maintenance expert to accurately evaluate the cause or severity of this type of tree damage.
Pros of New Jersey Tree Removal
The expert Landmarq New Jersey tree service team can offer all areas of advice concerning NJ tree removal. By offering comprehensive and highly experienced tree care to Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas for the past 20 years, they have gained a top quality reputation for advising landowners about all aspects of tree removal. This highly skilled New Jersey tree service team will encourage you to remove a tree from your property if any of the following conditions are present:
  • Tree is dead or diseased. – If a tree is dead or seriously diseased, its removal is advised to prevent damage, injury or spread of ill health. Heavy tree branches or a dangerously leaning tree trunk may damage or cause harm to people, animals or property in its path when falling. In addition, many tree diseases can spread to adjacent trees and other plant life.
  • Overgrown tree blocks property entrances or exits. – If you have an oversized tree which is past the point of pruning and is blocking important entranceways or exits on your property, this tree should be removed to avoid serious accidents or injury to you, your family and guests.
  • Tree may tangle with overhead power lines. – If you own a tree which is threatening to tangle with dangerous power lines on or near your property, this tree must be extensively pruned or removed to eliminate serious hazards.

Cons of NJ Tree Removal
Good reasons to avoid tree removal unless absolutely necessary include:

  • Increased energy costs. – Removing trees without good reason can increase your air cooling expenses, depriving you and your family of desirable shade from the sun’s bright rays and extreme heat on sweltering summer days.
  • Reduced air quality and wildlife. – Trees produce oxygen, reduce air toxicity levels and offer healthy natural habitats for wildlife. If healthy trees are removed from your home’s exterior areas, you will enjoy less clean air and lose the company of birds, squirrels and many other small natural creatures.
  • Increased home maintenance expenses. – When you remove trees from your property without good reasons, you are spending money needlessly which could be better used for other home, lawn and garden projects.

Consult Landmarq New Jersey tree service experts before making plans to remove any trees from your home’s surrounding property. They will provide you with the finest advice and professional services available for all your tree care, maintenance and NJ tree removal needs.

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