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During the past 20 years that we have worked as a tree service in Pompton Plains NJ, residents of Bergen County NJ and surrounding communities have trusted Landmarq Tree Services for professional and affordable tree trimming to keep their tree lush and healthy.

Often homeowners undertake a tree pruning task and find they have trimmed too many branches or their tree appears misshapen. Others prune their fruit and nut trees at the wrong time of year, which limits the amount of fruit the tree produces, if it blossoms at all. Another common pruning mistakes including cutting branches in the wrong places and trimming a very young tree can actually kill it. In fact, if a tree pruning cut is too large, the likelihood of decay in that part of the tree increases significantly. The best way for your trees to gain the maximum benefit from pruning is to have the work done by a local tree service contractor – Landmarq Tree Service.

Call Landmarq Tree Service at (973) 947-6795 to arrange for a free tree consultation to determining the optimal tree pruning schedule and other tree services to enhance the health and aesthetics of your trees.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Service Contractor for Tree Pruning

Many homeowners are surprised when they discover the complexity involved in proper tree pruning. For example, the tree cutting techniques used differ if the purpose is to reduce the length of a branch as opposed to removing the limb. The amount of tree material removed during pruning, referred to as the pruning dose, depends upon whether the tree species is prone to decay, and the climate where the tree is planted. In addition, the age of the tree determines how frequently it needs to be pruned. Since most homeowners have different tree species that were planted at differing times on their properties, the majority of these people do not have the time to track the pruning needs of their trees. Instead, many who live in Northern NJ choose Landmarq Tree Service to handle their tree pruning needs.

For professional tree pruning in Passaic County NJ and surrounding communities, contact the tree service experts at Landmarq Tree Service today!

The Benefits of Tree Pruning by a Tree Service Company in Pompton Plains NJ

Tree pruning is essential for the health of your trees as well as for their health. Some of the other reasons that it is important to prune your trees include:

  • Studies shows that tree pruning leads to the development of limbs so strong they are able to withstand 120 mph winds.
  • Prevents dangerous low lying limbs
  • Promotes a strong tree structure
  • Extends the life of the tree
  • Increases the production of fruit and nut trees

Ensure the longevity, health, and beauty of your trees by scheduling routine tree pruning by a tree service expert at Landmarq Tree Service, a trust tree service company serving in Bergen County NJ, Passaic County, NJ, Essex County NJ, Sussex County NJ, and Morris County NJ.


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