New Jersey Winter Tree Pruning

18 Feb

New Jersey Winter Tree Pruning

There are many advantages to regular tree pruning and maintenance by New Jersey winter tree pruning professionals. Let the experts at Landmarq Tree Service demonstrate that first of all, removal of dead or decaying limbs greatly aids in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, disease and deterioration. In addition, a well-pruned tree is much less likely to be downed by harsh winds, heavy rain or hail storms, or from thick icy coatings during winter. When an expansive tree’s branches and foliage are thinned by this fine NJ tree service, wind resistance is automatically and dramatically decreased. The tree’s roots are also relieved of any excess pressure, and the treetop’s shape and texture becomes much more attractive.

In addition, pruning a tree during the winter months can be very beneficial in numerous ways. Because there is much less demand for tree pruning in winter, the labor and service fees for cold weather pruning are significantly reduced. During cold weather, trees become dormant and even sleep, or hibernate, much like bears are famous for doing in winter. Each tree must gain nourishment from its own stored reserves, especially since vascular cambium levels are low. For this reason, it is best to schedule our professional New Jersey tree service to cut dead branches and do general branch pruning on cold days. When tree limbs are cut in cold temperatures, no heavy bleeding will occur because sap flow rates are at their lowest. Less cleanup time and effort is required after pruning deciduous trees since their leaves have already fallen. Also, during seasonal cold days, dead limbs will often become brittle and bend, breaking and falling from the tree before pruning by our experienced NJ tree service begins.

Annual NJ tree service maintenance and extensive tree pruning should always be performed during winter months. By pruning locust, apple, hawthorn, mountain ash and crab apple trees in cold weather, New Jersey tree pruning specialists help prevent tree diseases such as stem canker and fire blight. Oak trees must always be pruned in winter. When newly cut, oak limbs release an odor that signals beetles to gather, resulting in oak wilt. Many oak trees are killed each year by the onset of oak wilt and other serious diseases. All these maladies and more can be easily prevented by the expertise of specialized tree pruning.

Contact Landmarq Tree Service today for all your New Jersey winter tree pruning and maintenance needs. Call us now at 973-907-7863 for expert advice, guidance and a free estimate. We are a fully trained, licensed and insured professional tree care company serving Northern New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past twenty years. Landmarq professionals look forward to providing you with our full spectrum of highest quality tree services including tree trimming, pruning, removal and general maintenance in a friendly, timely and highly cost-effective manner.

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