Winter Tree Pruning: An Essential Tree Service

22 Apr

Winter Tree Pruning: An Essential Tree Service

If you have young trees, fruit trees, or flowering trees and shrubs, late winter is the optimal time for hiring a professional tree service company in Pompton Plains NJ to prune your tree so they look their best in the spring.
While many homeowners only think about routine tree cutting tasks, such as pruning, during the spring and summer months, tree service experts at the Arbor Day Foundation recommend pruning most trees during the late winter months. During late February and March, trees and shrubs are in their dormant phase which is the best time for pruning to minimize the chances of your trees “bleeding” sap as well as to prevent insect infestations and diseases. By selectively removing broken limbs and branches that compete for sunlight and nutrients during the warmer months, your trees’ foliage will appear lush and full during the warner spring and summer months. Additionally, tree service contractors in Pompton Plains NJ report flowering trees have more blooms in the spring and summer when professionally pruned in late winter.

What You Need to Know When Hiring a Tree Service Contractor in Pompton Plains NJ for Pruning

Trees that are pruned correctly, especially when they are young, have stronger limbs, more leaves, and produce more blooms and fruit than trees that are neglected. Unfortunately, if you are not trained in proper tree pruning techniques, you can actually do more damage to your trees than good. This also hold true for tree service contractors, so pay attention to what a tree service provider tells you about when discussing their tree cutting and pruning techniques.
Here are some important facts about tree cutting and pruning to know when you are considering a tree service contractor in Pompton Plains NJ:

  • Tree cutting and pruning for young trees (less than three years old) should be done only when absolutely needed since the more leaves a young tree has, the more nutrients can be made to nourish and strengthen the root system.
  • When trimming broken or diseased branches, cut the limbs as close to the truck as possible.
  • While crown topping is not recommended, light pruning to thin the crown promotes optimal air circulation and allows sunlight to reach lower leaves.

To learn what other tree service can reduce the chances you’ll need tree removal service prematurely, call a leading tree service in Pompton Plains NJ – Landmarq Tree Service.

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