Things You Should Look for When Hiring A Tree Service Company

17 Jun

Things You Should Look for When Hiring A Tree Service Company

Unwanted trees on a property can create a pretty irritating burden for the tenants. Maybe the tree has died and ultimately become an eyesore, or maybe the tree has fallen and needs to be cleaned up in a prompt fashion. When searching for a tree removal NJ company, there are some things to look for, as well as some things you should definitely avoid.


When you first start your hunt for a tree removal company in New Jersey, you’re going to want to find a company that has the experience under its belt to get the job done right. The last thing you want to do is hire a person that supposedly runs his/her own company, when in reality, they’re just a person out looking for “easy work.” Not enough experience can lead to many risky scenarios or accidents. Don’t take this risk; make sure they can provide proof of experience in what they do.

Proper Insurance

Tree removal is not exactly as safe as other outdoor work, so you’ll want to triple check that the company has proper insurance before allowing them to start any work. Allowing the company to work under the absence of insurance can open the door for disaster. What if an accident that results in injury happens on your New Jersey property? Who do you think will have to pay for that out of pocket if a mistake is made? Avoid getting yourself tied up in a possible mess like this and make sure the company has proper insurance.

Check for a License

Running a NJ tree removal business requires a license to do so. Check for the proper credentials before allowing them to start any work. This factor somewhat goes hand in hand with making sure that the company has experience. Even if you’re aware that the company is unlicensed and you’re still willing to work with them for whatever reason (maybe a discount), you’re still asking for trouble down the line by not doing things the right way without cutting corners.

Never Pay a Deposit

Lastly, do not work with a company that wants a deposit. Deposits are not typically required on tree removal jobs, and you should steer clear of companies that ask for them. Payment for the job should come after the work has been completed to avoid scams that entail unfinished work or worse, no work at all. If you are asked to pay a deposit, take your business elsewhere.

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