How to Prevent Unnecessary Tree Removal Costs in Pompton Plains NJ

22 Apr

How to Prevent Unnecessary Tree Removal Costs in Pompton Plains NJ

Since trees not only add aesthetic beauty to your landscape, but also serve important functions, such as providing shade and help prevent excessive storm water runoff, it pays to keep your trees healthy to avoid the need to remove them from your property.
While healthy well-maintained trees can add as much as 10 percent to the value of your home1, leaving damaged or diseased trees on your property poses a danger to both people and property. In our experience as a leading tree service contractor in Pompton Plains NJ, our tree service specialists often find homeowners often fall into two categories: those who want tree removal services for tree that only need selective tree cutting to address damaged limbs and homeowners who postpone hazardous tree removal. The primary way to avoid unnecessary tree removal costs in Pompton Plains NJ is arrange for a professional tree inspection by a reputable professional local tree service company.

Signs You May Need to Contact a Tree Removal Company

When a tree service contractor inspects the trees on your property, some indications that tree removal may be necessary according to Tree City USA include the following:

  • Forked trunks that grow horizontally from the tree
  • Rot present in the trunk due to storm damage or disease
  • The tree has started to lean to one side
  • Signs of root decay, such as mushrooms growing around the base of the tree

Preventing Premature Tree Removal Costs

Since the average tree removal cost for homeowners is $1,264 according to Angie’s List, which does not include the loss in property value, proper tree maintenance is essential to preventing the need to remove trees from your property prematurely. Some examples of professional tree services that keep your trees healthy and strong include selective tree cutting of crossing branches, cabling weak tree limbs, and treatment of tree wounds and infections. In addition, when planting new trees, homeowners need to avoid planting brittle species, such box elders and willows.

To arrange for professional tree services in Pompton Plains NJ, call Landmarq Tree Services at (973) 907-7863 today!

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